Tuesday, July 8, 2014

How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprints On Earth.

          In facing the growing challenge of globalization, there are some major problems being faced by our planet. Earth is the only planet that can serve as a home for us and future generations. But we do not realize that everything we do from watching television until driving a car can contribute to a warmer earth. We all have our own responsibility to take a good care on it. But, are we doing good enough to take care of the environment and the earth? There are a lot of steps to reduce the carbon footprint on the earth.

          First and foremost, the use of air conditioners practically mandatory. Good in homes, offices, shopping malls and so on. AC or air conditioners are very useful for people who live in areas with warm climates, including Malaysia. This is why most people in this world love the cold air by installing the air conditioner every 24 hours. To overcome this problem, we can reduce the uses of air conditioners with replaces it with fans or open the window for sometimes to let the fresh air in.

          Furthermore, to reduce the carbon footprints on our earth, we can take public transit or public transportation or carpool instead. According to The Rideshare Company, the average American spends 18 days of the year in a car, each car emitting its own weight in carbon dioxide. The benefits of carpooling are quite simple to see. One car uses less gas than two and much less than three. Similarly, riding the bus or train to work helps to slash down the number of cards on the road.

          In addition, carbon can be reduced by planting the trees that been felled. Replanting of trees is important because plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen to other life. Instead of animal and human release of carbon dioxide needed by plants in photosynthesis. Plants filter out most of the dust in the air and absorb cash receipt dioxide gas and thus help control air pollution. The most important is, that the plants can protect the surface from direct sunlight, reducing evaporation of water and help cool the earth's surface.

          One source contributor of carbon dioxide is the burning of fossil fuels. The use of fossil fuels began to increase rapidly since the industrial revolution in the 18th century. At that time, coal became the dominant energy source for later replaced by oil in the mid-19th century. In the 20th century, gas started to be used as an energy source. Change of trend in the use of fossil fuels is actually indirectly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air, as gas releases less carbon dioxide than oil and much less than coal. Nevertheless, the use of renewable energy and nuclear energy further reduce the release of carbon dioxide into the air. Nuclear energy, although controversial for reasons of safety and hazardous waste, does not emit any carbon dioxide at all.

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Importance Of Water

          Water brings and sustains life on our planet. Water is something which we cannot do without only when it is not available. After all, our bodies are made up of seventy percent water. It is quite possible to survive without food for more than a month, but without water we will perish in a matter a days. Remember the ancient mariner's cry of agony and despair in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem?

Water, water, everywhere,
And all the boards did shrink,
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.

          This verse of the poem clearly points to the absolute need of suitable drinking water of survival. The mariner, being the only survivor left on his ship, is desperately lost at sea for months. Having used up all the ship's store of drinkable water, he laments on his plight: surrounded by water on all sides, but not a drop of drink!

          Water is essential to life. We required water for washing and cooking, cultivating our fields and most importantly for drinking. Life becomes impossible on earth without water. Imagine a drought situation, there are no rains, the river and lakes have dried up and all planet life lay dry and wasted. In such situation, the Grim Reaper becomes exceedingly busy, for water is life giving and every living organism, without exception, requires water of its existence. Dehydration spells, without mistake, certain, inescapable death.

          When we read about the origins of life in this planet, we realize at once the important role water had played in causing living things to come into existence. Life began, or so geologists and scientists say, in the watery oceans. Water has those unique chemical elements and properties needed to nourish the living cells of living beings.

          Apart from the glaringly obvious fact that water is essential to life, water is also man's important precious resource. Water is source of energy. Water converted into steam can be used as fuel for driving vehicles fitted with the steam engines. Electricity can also be generated with hydro power. In fact, about a third of the world's electricity comes from hydroelectric power plants. And this form of power supply is cheap since water is free, and running costs of hydroelectric power plants in much cheaper compered to the other types of power plants.

          The importance of water can in no measure be minimized. It is not only a source of life and energy, it also sustains life on the planet. We should all be duty bound to ensure that our sources of water remain unpolluted.

Monday, October 7, 2013

An Ideal Student.

          My definition of an ideal student is one who excels in his studies, does superbly in co-curricular activities, participates in school plays and debates, and is well-behaved. It is very probable that such a student does not exist, but we should all try to be one.

          Schools were built to teach and advance knowledge. Therefore, the first and foremost priority of a student is to try his utmost to excel in academic subjects. We should revise the lessons learnt in school regularly. The best way to achieve this is to have a timetable for revisions which we should adhere to religiously. Notes and other supplementary materials should be stored away neatly for easy access.

          Next, we should opt for a co-curricular or extracurricular activity that we are interested in and try to become as proficient as possible in that activity. Sports and games help to keep our bodies fit and healthy, enriches the mind and teach us team spirit. Taking part in plays help us develop and appreciate the arts while debates and oratorical competitions teach us the valuable art of public speaking.

          Last but not least, are good manners. A student who has good manners, who is considerate and helpful is always well liked by anyone. Rules and regulations help instill discipline and good manners in us. We should always be obedient to our parents and teachersand also be respectful of elders. A student who excels in his academic subjects and co-curricular activities but is not well-behaved and rude can never be truly well liked by anyone.

          Going astray into the wrong path is very easy in rhe modern world. But I believe that if we are sincere, have faith in ourselves and work hard enough, we can all become as close to an ideal student as possible so that we may, one day, bacome useful and productive citizens of our country, and the pride of our nation.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Write a Story That End With"......she cried tears of joy and whispered the word, thank you"

          "Why are you so stupid, Ester? Is this your reply to my pride?", said mother. That's the word from her mother after Ester got very bad performance. Ester was very disappointed because she couldn't make her mother proud. She feel that she was very stupid as her mother said. For years she had been trying to get an excellent result but unfortunately there was no change. Ester felt that she was born to be a fool, indeed.

          One day, Ester decided to stopped chasing something impossible. Ester immediately fail in her studies and also make friends with those who have way of life. Ester was introduced with culture of 'emo'. This culture was famous for tapping action in part of the body to released resentment. She was very angry with her mother for never trying to understand and appreciate her. She decided to excruciating herself with tapping her hand with penknife. Soreness felt and turned to contentment. With feeling soreness and satisfaction, Ester can able to forget about feeling anger toward her mother.

          Almost a year Ester tapped in her world of darkness. She had never heard advised from her teachers, relatives and even her mother. Ester more hatred for her life and decided to ran away from home. She stayed at her friend house which also the cultured partitioner of 'emo'. Ester's friend introduced her with drugs but she refused. Ester just took an alcohol to relieve stress. After she drank of alcohol, she began to feel dizzy the she fainted.

          When Ester woke up in that morning, she feels as though there was a big rock on her head. She wiped her blurred eyes and take a look around her surrounding. She saw herself naked and there were three unidentified men were sleeping next to her. Ester extremely scared and immediately putting her clothers before the men awake. Ester ran away from her friend's house. She doesn't know where she have to go and also feel ashamed of her mother to came home. She didn't know whether her mother would accept her back. Ultimately, she decided to return back home to the bosom of her mother. Her heart said, " im coming home, tell the world im coming home, let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday, i know my mother await and hoped she forgiving my mistake".

          Almost a day, Ester walked alone to her mother's house. her mind was very disordered. Feeling of guilt appears for making a stupid desision before. After arriving on front of the house, Ester strengthen her spirit to faced her mother. Before entering the house, the door was open and she saw her mother's face. Her mother was very shocked when she saw Ester's condition. "Where have you been? i'm so worried about you", mother said. Without wasting a time, Ester hugged her mother abd say , I'm sorry. Her mother smiled and said, It's alright. Ester was very grateful and she cried of joy and whispered the word, thank you.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

LETTER_Replying to a Cousin Who Wishes to Visit You.

                                                                                                          38 Jalan Penampang,
                                                                                                          88300 Kota Kinabalu,

                                                                                                          29 May 20XX

Dear Cousin Mimi,
          How wonderful to hear that you're planning to come to Kota Kinabalu for a visit! Of course you are most welcome to stay with me.

          You are coming at the right time indeed. The month of May is a festival period as Sabahans celebrate the Harvest Festival or Pesta Keamatan. The month-long celebration culminates in grand ceremony at the end on May. You will be just in time to witness it.

          I would also like to show you around Kota Kinabalu. We must take a drive up to the foothills of the majestic Mount Kinabalu. The Poring Hotspring is nearby and we can stop to take a dip in the water.

          I will also arrange for us to go on an island-hopping trip. There are three islands of the coast which are absolutely fabulous for snorkeling. I'm sure sure you will enjoy the clear blue water and the beautiful beaches.

          Do let me know if you would like other arrangements to be made. I need your flight details so that i can be at the airport to greet you. I can't wait to welcome you to the Land Below the Wind.

          Take care.

Your cousin.

SPEECH_Practise a Healthy Lifestyle.

          Good morning for all my teachers and school friends. I would like to express my gratitude for being given the opportunity to speak to all of you today. The topic that i would like to draw your attention to is 'Practice a Healthy Lifestyle'. As a students, we face many challenges and have to cope with such things as lessons, examinations, extra-curricular activities and social events. Many of us tend to ignore health in our aim to accomplish as much as possible within a short time.

          Firstly, to get a healthy lifestyle, we have to avoid smoking. I'm sure that all of us know that smoking is harm for our body. Then, why do we continue smoking? The reasons why we shouldn't smoke is that smoking effects our health. If we smoke, our physical condition will be negatively affected. Also, smoking produce lethal decease such as cancer and reduce the length and quality of our life.

          Second, as an ideal student we must eat right and take a good meal especially during breakfast. A lot of people go through the day without having breakfast. Many people believe that it is not necessary or they say that they don't have time for having breakfast. Our body and brain are not going to function well because we don't enough energy and strength. If we don't take good meal, we are going to have a lot of trouble succeeding.

          Third, as students we have to stay active. For example, we should go for jogging. This activity ensures people stay healthy. Jogging is fast becoming a regular exercise routine found in most neighbourhood. It increase our stamina and help us to keep fit and healthy. Jogging is also a fun activity that can give us great pleasure. We'll find that we are more attentive in class, perform better in sport and games and also feel more mentally alert and physically vibrate than before.

          Last, to practice a healthy lifestyle we have to manage our stress very well. If w are too stress, it would give an effect for our body. Our body also will be exhausted. So, we have to find a way to manage our stress. Students are the most people who have many challenges that can make them stress. We shouldn't be to emotional when studying because it will give us bad performance.

          In conclusion, healthy lifestyle is very important for all people in this world especially young students. If we don't care of our health, we will be in troubles. As students, we're responsible about our well-being. Thank you.