Friday, October 4, 2013

Write a Story That End With"......she cried tears of joy and whispered the word, thank you"

          "Why are you so stupid, Ester? Is this your reply to my pride?", said mother. That's the word from her mother after Ester got very bad performance. Ester was very disappointed because she couldn't make her mother proud. She feel that she was very stupid as her mother said. For years she had been trying to get an excellent result but unfortunately there was no change. Ester felt that she was born to be a fool, indeed.

          One day, Ester decided to stopped chasing something impossible. Ester immediately fail in her studies and also make friends with those who have way of life. Ester was introduced with culture of 'emo'. This culture was famous for tapping action in part of the body to released resentment. She was very angry with her mother for never trying to understand and appreciate her. She decided to excruciating herself with tapping her hand with penknife. Soreness felt and turned to contentment. With feeling soreness and satisfaction, Ester can able to forget about feeling anger toward her mother.

          Almost a year Ester tapped in her world of darkness. She had never heard advised from her teachers, relatives and even her mother. Ester more hatred for her life and decided to ran away from home. She stayed at her friend house which also the cultured partitioner of 'emo'. Ester's friend introduced her with drugs but she refused. Ester just took an alcohol to relieve stress. After she drank of alcohol, she began to feel dizzy the she fainted.

          When Ester woke up in that morning, she feels as though there was a big rock on her head. She wiped her blurred eyes and take a look around her surrounding. She saw herself naked and there were three unidentified men were sleeping next to her. Ester extremely scared and immediately putting her clothers before the men awake. Ester ran away from her friend's house. She doesn't know where she have to go and also feel ashamed of her mother to came home. She didn't know whether her mother would accept her back. Ultimately, she decided to return back home to the bosom of her mother. Her heart said, " im coming home, tell the world im coming home, let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday, i know my mother await and hoped she forgiving my mistake".

          Almost a day, Ester walked alone to her mother's house. her mind was very disordered. Feeling of guilt appears for making a stupid desision before. After arriving on front of the house, Ester strengthen her spirit to faced her mother. Before entering the house, the door was open and she saw her mother's face. Her mother was very shocked when she saw Ester's condition. "Where have you been? i'm so worried about you", mother said. Without wasting a time, Ester hugged her mother abd say , I'm sorry. Her mother smiled and said, It's alright. Ester was very grateful and she cried of joy and whispered the word, thank you.

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